1. To maximize on wearing your apparel multiple times with little to no damage, please follow these directions when you're ready to wash/iron.

2. Do not dry clean any heat applied graphics. They just aren’t cut out for the harshness of dry cleaning.

3. Turn the garment inside out before washing. This protects the graphic (especially if it’s a printed graphic) from abrasions and damage as other items in the wash rub together during the cycle.

4. Choose cold or warm water temperature settings for the wash. You don’t want the water to exceed temperatures of 178 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures can weaken the adhesives.

5.Use a mild detergent. We also recommend that you stray from whiteners, bleach, fabric softeners, or any aggressive cleaning solutions.

6. Dry on a low heat/tumble setting or hang dry. Just like in the wash, you don’t want to exceed temps of 178 degrees. With that being said, stick to tumble dry settings or low heat settings. If possible, hang dry for the best results. Hang drying will minimalize wrinkles and potential heat damage.

7. Check individual material washing directions! This is important as some specialty materials may have limitations that standard heat transfer vinyl may not. Sensitive materials may only be able to be washed by hand.

8. Do not iron directly on a heat transfer design. Doing so will never end well. The high heat will either melt the vinyl or burn the adhesive. Both will ruin the garment. If you absolutely must iron the garment, place a dish towel or cloth over the transfer and iron on a LOW heat setting.