All About Mommy Too

Mommy Too, LLC. seeks to diminish the ignorance that breeds insensitivity to motherhood and shine light on variations of family dynamics. Owners Ronniece Drake and Danielle DeShields aim to educate the world one family at a time. Although there's been continued work throughout 2017, Mommy Too, LLC. became an official company as of December 4, 2017. They know the importance of inclusivity among other human needs, the goal is to act as a building bridge and debunk any stereotypes that do not promote forward thinking.


Last fall I recall an incident that occurred in New York City where a mother and a daughter were assaulted by two women and a man. Their assumption was that the mother and daughter were a couple. Let's just assume they were, why do they deserve this treatment? The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is still investigating. (Click to read more on this story).

 That same September, a lesbian couple was attacked by their neighbors during a dispute in the United Kingdom. 

The list goes on with hate crimes and they spread far and wide across the universe.  

Words Hurt Too

Sometimes the crimes are not committed by mere strangers, most times we are experiencing these situations within our own communities. Our upbringing and generational toxicity are what play major roles in how we react to our biases. When family doesn't seek to understand but instead imposes their religions and beliefs the outcome is rarely favorable. The resistance to change or to at least allowing others to live their lives as their own is unbelievable. If you've ever been in a position where you felt inundated and forced to explain your life, this is for you. (A Guide (not the answer): To Those Who Have Trouble With Acceptance Of Another's Life Choices). <<<Blog coming soon!

Rising Above

No one is born with hate, it's taught and reinforced. Lots of myths surround our communities and it's vital that we share the truth, our truths, your truths. 

This is all just the beginning of a beautiful journey to a more compassionate world.