A Little About Ronniece & Danielle Drake-DeShields


Ronniece Drake was born and raised in Newark, NJ to a single mother Linette Drake. When she was 15 years old she moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. From early on, she knew that she was a creative and she wanted to make a difference in the world. At age 28, she became a full circle certified doula with ICTC (International Center for Traditional Childbearing). She saw the need for more representation in maternity care specifically in the African American community. Through this practice she empowers women and their partners to take a more involved role in the development and birth of their child/children. Far too often women are ignored or brushed off when it comes to their concerns regarding pregnancy, delivery, and the upbringing of their children. Ronniece's goal is to eliminate this outdated and harmful practice and to enable women to take their power back when it comes to reproductive health. Through her dealership and with the creation of Mommy Too, LLC. she is doing just that and more. 

Danielle DeShields was born and raised in Moss Point, Mississippi. From an early age she always knew she wanted to help people. Initially she wanted to become a doctor but after doing research about the extensive schooling she decided to become a nurse instead. It proved to be a better decision in her life as time went on. Being directly at the bedside caring for patients was her true passion. Throughout her childhood and into early adulthood, Danielle suffered from various ailments such as severe allergies, eczema and an underachieve thyroid. Numerous doctor visits, test, and medications ruled her life for many years. But after taking her own health into her hands she quickly realized that she could eliminate most, if not all, of the conditioning that had plagued her for years. Those experiences led her to want to help people learn how to become empowered themselves. Mommy Too, LLC. is the platform allowing her to do just that. 


As partners, Ronniece and Danielle have combined their passions, thoughts, and ideas into the creation of  a platform that helps bridge the gap between the heterosexual and the LGBTQ community as far as reproduction and different family dynamics. Their goal is to bring these issues to the forefront so that the necessary conversations can start happening on a larger scale and solutions can be made. Mommy Too, LLC. was created to affect change and we plan to do that and much more.